Ping the merciless: Police say stolen iPhone leads them right to housebreak suspect

Boston Police report officers investigating a housebreak at 33 Rutland Sq. in the South End yesterday morning ran into some good luck: One of the stolen items was an iPhone - and the owner had already used its tracking ability to pinpoint his phone's new location at the Mass. Ave. T stop.

Officers responded to that location and had the victim initiate the “Find My iPhone” system which sends out a loud ping through the phone. As officers walked down the subway platform, they were able to hear this ping emanating from a backpack belonging to the suspect. Upon further investigation, officers were able to locate and recover the stolen cell phone, as well as the other stolen items from this backpack.

Raymond Garcia, 54, was charged with breaking and entering a dwelling house in the daytime and receiving stolen property.

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When I knew who had my stolen

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When I knew who had my stolen iphone, tracked via GPS (literally two doors away from the police station!!) the officers at said police station refused to help me recover it.

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Somehow I think your

Somehow I think your experience with iPhone recovery and the BPD might be more typical than the one that BPD is reporting. Shocking, I know....

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