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Police: Roslindale murder not random act; teen to be buried Saturday

Brandon John

Brandon John's shooting murder on Rowe Street last Thursday appears to be the result of friction between two groups of young men, a Boston Police official told residents tonight.

"It does not appear a random act at all," Deputy Supt. John Brown - who lives a short walk from the murder scene - said at a community meeting at Sacred Heart Church. "It was very directed. ... It happened for a reason."

At the meeting, attended by roughly 30 residents, Brown said he could not discuss specifics of the ongoing investigation into the death of the Madison Park senior, but he said four homicide detectives are working on it and that he is optimistic a suspect or suspects will be found.

Meanwhile, the family of Brandon John - who also lived near Rowe Street - will hold a wake for him Friday, 5 to 9 p.m. at the Carrol-Thomas Funeral Home, 22 Oak St. in Hyde Park. His funeral service will be 10 a.m. at Greater Love Tabernacle Church, 101 Nightingale St. in Dorchester.

Police officers at the meeting said the general Rowe Street area has a very low crime rate in general and that many of the crimes involves things such as people stealing things out of unlocked cars. Still, they urged residents to report anything suspicious they see.

Police and elected officials are planning a similar community meeting next Tuesday at the Georgetowne development to discuss the murder that happened there a few hours before John was killed.


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Having occurred just a few blocks from my neighborhood, I am of course quite interested in this story. I really appreciate you keeping on top of it.

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