Police step up patrols after JP shootings

But even with extra police on the streets and at the Stony Brook T stop, that didn't stop a couple of determined guys possibly associated with whoever shot a man on School Street on July 12 - police told residents tonight they showed up at a neighboring School Street house this past weekend.

Police met with some 100 residents in the Stony Brook/Egleston Square area tonight to talk about the four shootings since June 22 - one fatal.

Police said that in addition to continuing to investigate the School Street shooting, they are now looking into what the men who showed up at the neighboring house were up to - they added residents of the house were not particularly cooperative.

Although police said they do not have suspects yet for three of the four shootings, they did say they know the shootings were not random - all the victims were targeted. Last week, Transit Police announced a suspect for a shooting outside the Stony Brook station on July 7.

Police said violence sometimes runs in streaks like that. Capt. Alfredo Andres of District E-13 said that even with the shootings, major crime in the district is still down 16% this year over last year and that JP remains one of the safest neighborhoods in the city.

Andres said BPD has assigned more police to patrol duty in the area. Transit Police say they now have more officers patrolling the station as well, including a canine unit.

Residents said they were not necessarily reassured that the shootings weren't random and wondered if it's only a matter of time before some of the bullets flying about - the Stony Brook gunman may have fired eight times - hit a resident.

One 18-year resident of School Street said the same night of the shooting, a rock came flying through her window. She said she and seven other people were just coming home from dinner when the shooting started.

"It's like bam, bam, bam, bam," she said. Pointing to the shooting near her house and the other incidents, she said she's never seen such violence concentrated in the area around her house in her 18 years there.

In other crime, Andres responded to a resident concerned about an uptick in the number of people seemingly out cold in the 300 block of Centre Street by saying that the area is seeing more heroin abuse.




They're all looking for someone...

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Seems to me that the police and the shooters are looking for the same person/persons. Find that person and this might all die down quickly. I'd actually be quite interested to know what the target in question did to become so popular.

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Out cold?

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I saw a guy who appeared asleep or dead on the lawn beside English High. Called out to him and he responded. So not dead. But I wonder if he was coming off heroin or something else.

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A friend of mine who works at a detox facility north of Philadelphia has been lamenting the uptick in ODs and other catastrophes because of the strength of heroin now. I mean, heroin had been getting stronger for 20 years now and both pure street heroin and smack cut with strong opioids are more physically dangerous than they ever have been.

Last night, the cops encouraged people to call in if you see someone on the nod or passed out. I feel weird about calling cops on a non-violent person, but you may be helping that person if you call an ambulance for someone who is incapacitated, even if they're still somewhat oonscious.

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Consequences of short-sighted drug policy

Oxycontin was getting onto the black market, so the supply was restricted.

Meanwhile, treatment beds were not appropriately increased.

So what happens? People turn to heroin on the black market.

Heroin is variable in strength and sketchy to dose and now heroin is an expanding problem again. Also, a lot more money started flowing into a geographically expansive heroin market rather than the more localized oxy market, and we get drug crime problems expanding internationally.

When will we start treating drug addiction as a public health problem in this country? The war on drugs is a failure.

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So, painkiller addiction to the level of robbing pharmacies is okay?

Of course, one can also look at the whole cycle as proof of gateways to different drugs.

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please read my blogs.

Shots fired, shotspotter on,
911, what's goin on?
Tires squeel, bullets fly, oh God I hear a baby cry!

Sirens wail, an old woman frail... falls down...her heart begins to fail.
Police, ambulances, a man, blood on his face, will they live?
Maybe... God's grace.

Curious neighbors gather round, some just stare at the ground.
In some houses lights go out. Now I hear a young man shout
"He shot my brother! I'll find him quick!"...The anger in his face, makes me sick.

Now I see a body in the street, a pool of blood at it's feet.
A police officer walks over, covers it with a sheet.

I feel the sickness in my heart and soul.
I know the streets will soon rock and roll.

eye for an eye
life for a life
bullet for bullet
gun to gun

I feel afraid, I want to run.
I know the shootings and violence will never be done.

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Some one was shot so

So i write poetry about Gun Violence...which is what my blogs are about.
I'm trying to get people to read and share. Is that a crime or disrespectful to a shot or dead person? Do you even care?

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