Police trap Roslindale housebreak suspects in tunnel

Boston Police report officers investigating a housebreak on Tynedale Street in Roslindale Friday afternoon converged on the pedestrian tunnel near the Bellevue commuter-rail stop:

While covering both sides of the tunnel, officers observed a male on the Colbert Street-side of the tunnel (wearing green pants, white sneakers and a dark colored top) standing next to two bags. As officers approached, the suspect immediately walked away from the bags, before he was apprehended. A search of the tunnel enabled officers to recover two additional bags. The bags contained a laptop, various jewelry, lose coins and a container of coins. Officers on the Belgrade Ave-side of the tunnel intercepted two additional male suspects trying to make good their escape. Officers also discovered and recovered a small pile of jewelry on the street in the area of McCraw Street, as well as, a discarded pry bar. A search of the suspects enabled officers to recover several stamps, a gold chain and two silver watches.

After witnesses told police they'd seen the men going into the tunnel with bags, police arrested Marckenley Casimir, 23, of Mattapan, Ruben Charles, 23, of Hyde Park and a 16-year-old from Dorchester (Ed. note: What's the deal with Dorchester teenagers in Roslindale?) with breaking and entering in the daytime.

Innocent, etc.