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Ray Flynn: "We must do more to help the poor..."

Former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn starts off 2014 with an editorial in today's Boston Herald about the need to help those who are less fortunate with less money available today. Flynn states:

Boston is not the city it should be. We must begin to turn our attention once again to building strong families and affordable neighborhoods. It’s not too late. We have a city with many caring and concerned citizens. The only thing that stands in our way of being a great city is our political will.

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Raybo may have been a semi progressive Democrat when he was mayor, and I'll give him credit for helping to dial down the antagonism between blacks and whites in this city, but he now promotes a right wing social agenda, and votes Republican , for example Scott Brown.

Teabagger Doug and Raybo, both pretending to be Democrats, but really Republicans.

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Ray Flynn is a huge hypocrite. He supported Scott Brown who stands against everything Ray claims he supports in this Herald editorial. It's because of the Republican Party, Ray, that programs for the poor have been cut. So if he really believes the stuff he wrote , the why the hell did he support Scott Brown? Ray has totally lost any credibility that he once may have had. And no surprise that Dougie B, who never had any credibility in the first place is promoting this garbage.

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