Red Line train bit the dust, riders sighed and cussed

An outbound train breathed its last at Harvard Square around 7 a.m., causing non-expired trains to back up all the way down the line to Quincy.

Ashley stunned us:

I've been riding the T for 26 years and this is my first ever disabled train. I feel like I'm finally a real Bostonian!



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Disabled Green Line trains

At Park, there was a westbound Riverside train sitting just west (south) of Park. I have no idea if it was disabled or if it was a switching problem, but an employee walked into the tunnel in front of my Huntington Ave train.

Also, just east of Mission Hill on the eastbound side, there was an apparent disabled train. After a couple of minutes it eventually moved -- so maybe it just took a couple of restarts.

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orange line a pit of suck too

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A crush of people and train afrter train at Sullivan too crowded to get on. plus, no actual announcement of delays, so everything's just fine.

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Hoof it

Fearing the worst a bunch of us bailed from our 'waiting' train at Charles and walked to Kendall. nice morning for it.

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