Roslindale to get Caribbean restaurant

Chesterfield Coppin says his Oasis Cafe, 630 Hyde Park Ave., could open next week. Whether he'll get to serve beer and wine, however, is another matter.

Coppin told the Boston Licensing Board this morning that during walking tours of the neighborhood, which he described as "densely populated and very diverse," he found large support for wine and beer with the Caribbean food he'll serve.

If the board does not have any beer and wine licenses, he could try to buy one on the open market. Although he's the sort of entrepreneur City Councilor Ayanna Pressley had in mind when she first proposed expanding the number of liquor licenses in Boston, he might not benefit from a recently passed bill because the restaurant is not in one of the neighborhoods specifically mentioned in the legislation or in one of the city "main street districts" that are also mentioned.

Oasis Cafe, which will have 40 seats and be open until 11 p.m., was supported at the hearing by the mayor's office.




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Chesterfield Coppin?

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That's gotta be the best name in Boston.

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I've been wondering what

I've been wondering what would go in that spot, they've been doing a lot of work on it. It's a little odd to put it almost directly across the street from the Dominican restaurant on the corner of Canterbury.

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