Roslindale market gets approval to sell beer and wine

The Boston Licensing Board voted today to let Silva's Brazilian Market, 168 Belgrade Ave., start selling beer and wine.

At a hearing yesterday, an attorney for the market said customers had asked for the ability to buy alcohol along with their Brazilian and Hispanic foods.

One resident attended to voice concern about possible increases in traffic at the busy intersection and noted the presence of numerous existing liquor outlets - and schools - within a mile of the market as reasons to oppose.

However, the mayor's office noted that beer- and wine-selling convenience stores were already common in the area and said that as long as the market agreed to lock up the alcohol during hours when it cannot legally sell the stuff, that it was OK with one more market offering beer and wine.



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Why not?

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Just about everywhere you travel, beer and wine is available at any convenience store, grocery store, and drug store. Why does Massachusetts have to have the endless process of hearings and licensing boards and red tape? It's as if the Puritans were still running the show.

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