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Rte. 9 could get dedicated bike lanes in Brookline Village

The Boston Cyclists Union reports town officials are looking at raised "cycle tracks" for either side of the highway as it passes Washington Street:

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the design proposed by Tedrow and the Bike Union are the “floating bus stops.” The concept is common in Europe and it is included in the NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide that many American cities including Boston now endorse, but it would be a first time it is used in Massachusetts. ... In essence, the bikeway travels behind the MBTA bus stop instead of in front of it, creating a crossing point where pedestrians can access the bus stop. The room for this marvel at Gateway East was provided by the removal of a unnecessary travel lane.



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I hope this also comes with a fix for the crossing at muddy river. That intersection on the south side of route 9 is dangerous just for cars, but you add in a few thousand bikes and pedestrians a day and it's just a mess. If you're crossing in the morning you often need a critical mass of bikes and peds before cars will stop.

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Concord Ave by Fresh Pond in Cambridge has sidewalk bike tracks on the wrong side of bus stops.

They're terrible.

(Fortunately?) bikes, bus passengers, and pedestrians are very rare in that area, so problems don't occur very often.

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