Salem tries to quell disputes between vampires, street preachers

Street Preachers Salem Ma 2014

Just in time for Halloween, Salem has enacted a partial ban on bullhorns on one key downtown street, following a confrontation between a street preacher and Nosferatu.

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Wrong century

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The Inquisitions are done and over in the West. Alas the Inquisitions are alive and the implicit demand for religious purity are alive and killing in the Middle East. But here it's just entertainment. For public square religious entertainment no one beats the phalanx of Old Testament garbed fellows who stood as a protective square around their speaker while he proclaimed the 100s of laws of Moses. Their costumer were great. Straight out of a Cecil B. DeMille movie.

I noticed that the fellow said he has been saved from car accidents by, presumably Jesus. Raises a logical question. How does one prove the negative? Has Jesus saved me from every potential road accident that I am exposed to every time I step outside my house?

These street preachers might do better if they dressed up the part. Were someone to wear a hair shirt preach I would listen. If a fellow road into DTX on a donkey with people behind him singing Hosanna I might even join the crowd. Would make for a great singalong.

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Seriously! But these jerks

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Seriously! But these jerks can never play along with the fun. They always have to ruin everything and get attention only for themselves and spoil everything else.

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