Is the Sap Running in New Hampshire?



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Tell us again who the sap(s) are?

Two years ago last week, Congress passed the STOCK Act with the support of Joe Lieberman and Scott Brown."An Act To prohibit Members of Congress and employees of Congress from using nonpublic information derived from their official positions for personal benefit". In other words, insider trading. Immediately thereafter, the DNC went into high gear to oust them. There ensued a campaign costing $84,000,000, the most expensive campaign in history other than for POTUS. Immediately upon her election, "reformer" Elizabeth Warren and Harry Reid set about repealing the STOCK Act.
One year ago this week, the following happened:
The STOCK Act was modified on April 15, 2013, by S.716. This amendment modifies the online disclosure portion of the STOCK Act, so that some officials, but not the President, Vice President, Congress, or anyone running for Congress, can no longer file online and their records are no longer easily accessible to the public. In Section (a)2, the amendment specifically does not alter the online access for trades by the President, The Vice President, Congress, or those running for Congress.[11] The reasoning for this change was to prevent criminals from gaining access to the financial data and using it against affected persons. This bill was introduced by Senator Harry Reid on April 11, 2013. It was considered by the Senate and passed by unanimous consent. In the house, S.716 received only 14 seconds before being passed by unanimous consent.

So now, all those very ethical Congressional staffers who lunch with lobbyists can know about IPO's and new drugs undergoing FDA testing before the rest of us, buying stock with partnerships unquestionably including their bosses. Reformer Liz Warren thought this was a splendid idea and toed Harry Reid's line.

I would say the saps are the people who swallowed, hook line and sinker, the sophisticated marketing by moneyed interests who claimed:"you can trust Elizabeth, she's a REFORMER".
Yeah, whatever.

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