Second disaster narrowly averted on Needham Line

What if an MBTA locomotive approached the Bussey Street bridge?

Stephen McCarthy wondered what it might be like if a rogue T locomotive headed outbound and approached the scene of one of the worst train disasters in American history - the Bussey Street bridge collapse of 1887 in Roslindale - in which a poorly constructed bridge collapsed under a train heading downtown from Dedham. Fortunately, as he illustrates, the modern locomotive's brakes worked.




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tragedy + time = comedy

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Two dozen people die horrifically in a train accident - over one hundred more are injured or maimed. An artist portrays two local women recoiling in horror from the sight of people being crushed, decapitated and shot through with spears of shattered wood. happened to someone else whose family probably isn't around to be upset - and that makes it funny!

(Looking forward to seeing the photo-merge of tourists walking past people having their legs chopped off by the marathon blast!)

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