Squee patrol braced for action outside the Ritz

Teens outside the Ritz Carlton in Boston

Kristin MacDougall captured some of the One Direction fans who dropped whatever they were doing and rushed down to the Ritz-Carlton late this afternoon as word spread the boys might be staying there.



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I think

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I'm going to barf....

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Could be worse....

They could be like those same old eBay scumbags who sit in their cars at Signature waiting for the bands to arrive and then they pounce on them with literally dozens of items to sign.

I have to say, Brian May of Queen had the right idea. When they started running towards him, he stopped them and told them to line up. Which they did and then he told them he'd only sign one item. Most of these guys know what time it is when the loonies show up with 10 or 12 old glossies.

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When the Bieb was at the

When the Bieb was at the Mandarin it was much, much worse. Pretty much all of Boylston was being patrolled.

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