Teens charged with Bromley-Heath shooting not going anywhere soon

A Boston Juvenile Court judge today set bail of $250,000 for two teens charged with shooting a third at the Jamaica Plain housing complex yesterday, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Should the younger of the two - 15 - somehow make bail, he still would be forced to remain in DYS custody, because Judge Paul Lewis also granted a request from prosecutors to revoke his earlier bail on open assault-and-battery and trespassing charges, the DA's office says.

Aoccording to prosecutors, the 15-year-old, from Dorchester, and a 17-year-old from Roxbury showed up at Horan Way at Bromley-Heath around 4:15 p.m. and opened fire on a third teen, 18. He was hit in the upper left chest and is expected to recover; several cars were also hit in the barrage.

Police found the younger teen near Huntington and South Huntington, a Lorcin .280-caliber semiautomatic in his right pants pocket, the DA's office reports. The older teen got nabbed at Parker and Alleghany on the other side of Mission Hill. The DA's office says that kid was actually spotted running toward Tremont with two other youths.



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Nice kid!

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Typo and...

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I'm assuming the caliber of firearm is a .380 as it is a semi auto pocket-pistol sized caliber. A .280 is a rifle sized caliber.

Just also wanted to note all Lorcin brand firearms are not approved for sale in MA, per the AG's office. This state has yet again prevented a law abiding citizen from a potential purchase, but, failed to keep a banned firearm out of a 15 yo's hands. Keep this in mind when crying about this state needing tougher gun laws. In reality, the rest of the country needs to tighten up a bit, not us.

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You really think the same

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You really think the same people illegally making drugs out of cough syrup and smuggling drugs from halfway around the world in their butts are going to be deterred by regulating something?

Be prepared to do some reading:

The National Institute of Justice completed several studies which indicates gun control does little to nothing to stop crime. Criminals do not obey the law and always find a way to circumvent it.

The only thing reduced by restrictions on law abiding people is the rate of suicide by firearms. As a suicidal person typically will find some other means or talk themselves out of it before undertaking the lengthy process of legally obtaining a firearm in a more restrictive environment. This is backed up by a few other studies which I don't have the links for off hand.

The NIJ has also studied several violence reduction and proactive policing programs which target specific offenders and environments which have proven success. They are broken out into several subsections at that link which details which measures are effective for different aspects of gun related crime. Be it drug, gang, or domestic related.

The NIJ data shows that going after the people responsible for violence and targeting the environments which facilitate violence is statistically proven to be more effective than layers of laws which criminals circumvent or ignore.

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