They weren't kidding about the turnpike

Narrowing the Pru Tunnel down to one lane for ceiling removal is doing a major number on traffic on the turnpike today. At 9:20 a.m, Evan Allen tweeted:

Avoid the pike westbound out of Boston! It is not moving at all.



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Warnings show up on google traffic, too

I know not everyone has a smart phone with this feature, but it is yet one more way to "look before you leap" when heading across the city or, really, anywhere. We usually at least check the traffic and plan accordingly.

Our nightly carpool conversation generally includes the "minutes to home" assessment - it sometimes means that everyone works later, or grabs a beer in order to wait out the traffic.

Of course, UHub is a great source for catastrophic events ... like burning trucks resulting in otherwise unexplained and sudden extremes of traffic.

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