Three Boston Latin Academy administrators put on leave on eve of new school year

The Globe reports on what might not be the culmination of a BPS investigation into possibly unfair treatment of teachers at the exam school on Townsend Street.


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Im interested

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To see what other imformation comes out about this story. Things really started to go down hill right around when i graduated 2 years ago when there was a noticeable amount of "teacher sit ins" and reviews on some of the older staff. Though im not so sure they removed the right administrators....

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Teachers at B.L.A.: uneven quality

Teaching quality at the B.L.A. is uneven. They seem to know the subjects but some are just really bad presenters who don't communicate well with the kids, and no interest in changing. I hoped that the administration would make headway in making things better but McDonough panicked and set back the school five years. The teachers who need to change would like to "get back to teaching and learning" -- back to a time with the old headmaster who never bothered anybody.

This would have been a good subject to bring up during the year, except then the teachers and school department would have to come in front of parents, a scene which they are terrified of. Quality teaching is the thing that will determine whether the B.L.A. is a good school but apparently the school department and the teachers are not interested in our input. It just reinforces the idea that they are on one team and we are on the other.

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