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Todd English's Charlestown failure could become Roger Berkowitz's latest Legal venture

Todd English's former landlord seeks permission next week to sell the liquor license of his failed Olives in City Square to Roger Berkowitz, who wants to open a Legal C Bar in the space.

The Boston Licensing Board considers the request at a hearing on Wednesday.

Olives' landlord shut the place in June in a dispute with English over $780,000 or so in back rent.

Berkowitz's Legal C Bars offer fewer options than his traditional Legal Seafood eateries and more of an emphasis on the liquor. If the board approves the license transfer, this would be his fifth Legal C Bar.

This is at least English's second attempt to sell the liquor license. An earlier deal with fellow celebrichef Mario Batali fell through when Batali canceled plans for a pizza place in Fort Point.


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Not ANOTHER Legal!

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won't serve booze.

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At least Berkowitz pays his landlords, suppliers, and employees. Most of English's purveyors in Boston won't deal with him except on a cash basis anymore. Don't expect another Olives to open in the area anytime soon. The deadbeat may finally have run out of suckers here.

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