Touchy Thais: Crimson pulls article offline after author's life is threatened

Jim Romenesko notes a Harvard Crimson article that criticized a proposed Thai program at Harvard as a potential propaganda mill for the country's military junta was taken offline "due to concerns about the personal safety of the author" - in the form of a rather specific threat from a Thai microbiologist at UCLA.

Thai king has a rather personal connection to Harvard.




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He was also a pretty good clarinet player.

The Thais are in an uproar.

One faction consists of ethnic Chinese banking families, (my friend 'Amp' is in one of those).

They are ultra Roylists and deeply despise the elected Shinawatra family daughter but also dread the Crown Prince because he is a sleazy goofball. They want the eldest daughter to assume the throne.

But they don't do numbers at election time.

The other faction is mainly ethnic Thais from the northern provinces who benefited from the Shinawatra efforts on their behalf.

They turn out the vote.

My friend Noi is probably in that faction while my friend Vanida, an ethnic Cambodian school teacher, is probably 'undecided'.

All three are very gracious and smart and they love the New England stuff I post.

There have been a bunch of flare ups and riots over the past half year.

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