Train breathes its last; riders not having a blast

A Red Line train felt death's icy grip at Alewife, leaving riders with little choice but to simmer and stew, or in the case of Chloe Gotsis at Kendall:

Ugh stopped train at Kendall and a man is yelling about the constitution.

Update he is now yelling about how he could be riding in a limousine but is down with the people. "Power to the people."


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Red Line Announcements Ain't Talkin'; Elmer's Better Off Walkin'

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When I got to Kendall around 7:15 tonight, the display said there'd be trains arriving in 10 minutes and 16 minutes. A few minutes later, another message scrolled across the screen about "minor delays" at Alewife, but the automated Borg-like voice never spoke a word about it. As usual, there was absolutely no useful information about when a train might actually be expected to arrive.

When after five minutes the time display hadn't changed at all, I figured I'd be better off walking, so I bailed from Kendall and walked to over Bowdoin. Indeed, I saw no Red Line trains running in either direction across the Longfellow Bridge, so choosing to walk was definitely the faster option this evening.

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