Train dies heading west; riders get extra stressed

Around 10:30 a.m., Amanda Soler reported her outbound Worcester Line train was dead on the tracks near BU. Some 20 minutes later, she updated:

Engine has fuel leak, they're sending a 'rescue train'.

And then four minutes after that:

Rescue train not really rescuing. Will be towed BACK to Boston, trip cancelled.

Her final update, at 11:26:

Train finally moving, headed to Yawkey Station. Missed mtg so I really need to South Station instead.



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Or on Metro North

Bar cars went out of service on Metro North a little over a month ago.

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Bar Cars

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In addition to the Bar Car on the Cape Flyer the MBTA is contemplating putting two more in-service on the Worcester and Fitchburg Lines. The cars are in Hyannis and the food and beverage bars were already purchased from New Jersey Transit

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