Trains crawl, riders bawl

The Red Line and the Green Line (C in particular) have had better mornings, as have their riders.

And speaking of the Green Line, at 11, some folks will see if they can outrun the Green Line between BC and Blandford Street. Watch them live.


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outrunning the B line

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considering that i have seen women with strollers roll faster than the B line (around BU), i don't think it is a big challenge to outrun it :)

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I think people underestimate

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how quickly a B train can get from Boston College to Blandford Street at 11 a.m. on a Friday morning in the summer.

The college students are away.

Fridays are usually lighter for ridership than the other weekdays.

It's at 11 a.m., not rush hour.

Line speed is 25mph, the joggers can get up to maybe 8-10mph. I can think of certain stretches where the train can make up a lot of ground quickly. Boston College to Chestnut Hill Ave, Allston Street to Harvard Ave, and Harvard Ave to Packards Corner.

For those people counting on a breakdown to stick it in the T's face: don't hold your breath. At 11 a.m., any equipment that caused an issue earlier in the morning (C line) has been taken off the line. The equipment on the line will be cars that have been running fine all morning.

Trips are scheduled out of Boston College for 10:56 and 11:04. They will most likely get to Blandford at 11:30 and 11:38. I don't think joggers will be there by then.

The joggers were smart to pick an inbound run, because outbound is mostly uphill. If they were doing this on Thursday Sept. 18 at 8:30 a.m., I think they would have a much better chance.

I could be dead wrong, but you heard it here first.

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Doesn't take a disabled train

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to put things in the runners' favor:

Shuttle buses replacing Green B-Line between Babcock Street & Boston College in both directions due to immediate track issue at Warren Street

Shuttling the following stops:
Babcock St. Station
Packards Corner Station
Harvard Ave. Station
Griggs St. Station
Allston St. Station
Warren St. Station
Washington St. Station
Sutherland Rd. Station
Chiswick Rd. Station
Chestnut Hill Ave. Station
South St. Station
Boston College Station

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