Trains die, commuters cry

A Red Line train (of course) inbound from Braintree headed for the pearly gates this morning, not long before a Green Line trolley packed it in at Park Street.

Signal problems caused delays on the Lowell lines, mechanical problems bedeviled the Haverhill Line and a shortness of cars means putative riders couldn't even get on a train in West Natick.

UPDATE: A second Red Line train has died, there are problems on the Greenbush Line and there's something about buses having to ferry Providence Line riders from Wickford Junction to Providence.

EVEN UPDATIER UPDATE: And a train on the Orange Line died around 8:30 a.m.



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Mechanical mess started out east...

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...Newburyport train 154 was the first out of the gate to go mechanical this morning with a 20-25 minute delay. Probably all it took to start the chaos on the Northside.

Now we just have to wait to see if when MBCR files for an injunction blocking Keolis from taking over as scheduled on July 1st...then the fun will really begin.

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And on a related note or two

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The new vendor for paying your parking lot fee via I-Phone app, hopefully named "Pay-By-Phone" is having a difficult time processing your payment and has not worked well since in went live a few weeks ago.

Message received on I-Phone this am for the Readville, Lot A, which, for some reason, does not now exist: "Sorry the location you are trying to park at is not available at this time."

Also, one of the new "airport quality bathroom" stalls at South Station (Women's Room) has been finally "christened" and now contains artwork in the form of the erect male member plus family jewels drawn in red lipstick.

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