Two men, one a youth pastor, convicted as child rapists

A Roslindale man whose victim turned him in after hearing about Jerry Sandusky and a pastor at a Dorchester ministry were sentenced to several years in prison this week following their convictions in separate trials, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Terrence Anderson, 53, of Roslindale, was sentenced to 3-5 years yesterday after a Suffolk Superior Court jury convicted him of sexually assaulting a young teenaged relative in the late 1990s.

Now 31, the victim disclosed the abuse to Boston Police and Suffolk prosecutors after media reports on the arrest of Pennsylvania State University football coach Gerald Sandusky.

On Monday, another jury convicted Jamaal Egleston, 34, of sexually assaulting three girls - aged 11 to 15 at the time - at the Men and Women of Crossroads Ministries, between 2005 and 2009, the DA's office reports. Egleston was a youth pastor there at the time.

Egleston was sentenced to 5-7 years in prison, the DA's office reports.




Oh look who's out of hiding

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If you were to go back into your hole, I might say hey, no loss!


Keep on truckin' dude. You do you.

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Sexually assaulting 3 women

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Sexually assaulting 3 women only gets a 5-7 year sentence?!? Where is the justice in that?

Sorry for the victims.

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