Update: Couple surmounts fears, cooks and eats lobsters

Our Lobster nightmare continues Hubby trying to get them into the pot WITHOUT touching them. Lol

Turns out the Allston couple scared of lobsters are real.

C, who makes up half the couple, posted the above video of her husband's attempts to cook the seabeasts (finally: in the pot). She reports this morning:

We received them as gifts. Personally, I knew up front I was scared of them but then I found out my husband was also scared and the drama started.

We received quite a few offers, someone promised to come over and plans fell through last min. We were forced to take matters in our own hands.

We both like lobsters, but already cooked, shelled and on a plate. I don't think we'll be having anymore for a long time though. We were both quite scared and disgusted by the process.

As you'll see in the videos I attached to the edited version of my ad, I was standing at a distance laughing at my husband. The hardest I've ever laughed in a long time. Lol.

I can say after this, we'll gladly turn down gifts like this in the future. It wasn't worth the stress levels we experienced. If you've ever really been scared of anything, then I'm certain you'll understand.

Also, she's updated their original ad to note that, no, they were not seeking a three-way with a lobster.



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What a wuss

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I'v been catching lobbers with by hands since about 12 (Trap license are more expensive to obtain), its not like the things can sever a finger.

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Congratulations, intrepid forager

I've spent my whole life within a few miles of the Atlantic coast and never caught a lobster. I think people are less creeped out by the bugginess or dangerousness of the lobster than of the idea of killing it themselves in their own kitchen. That is probably the closest to the act of live food-animal slaughter that 99% of Americans ever get.

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Love this story, but...

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Did anyone else think that maybe they actually had cooked lobsters to begin with? I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but by the time they dumped out of the bag into the pot (second video) they seemed dead and red (boiled), no?

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