The Updated Bottle Bill's Been Languishing in the State Legislature for Over 12 years

The Updated Bottle Bill has been languishing in the state legislature for over 12 years and this year, they missed the window to give it a vote too. But this year, activists collected enough signatures on an initiative petition to put the question on November's ballot so voters can decide the question, because the legislature would not.

The expanded bottle bill has always been popular in public polling. It's a shame special business interests were able to keep it bottled-up in committee.


Updated Bottle Bill Heads to November Ballot

Legislature misses deadline to act

Today, a large group gathered on the steps of the Secretary of State’s office to announce completion of an initiative petition signature drive to update the state’s bottle bill. Proponents delivered over 19,000 signatures Wednesday to Secretary Galvin’s office. Once the signatures are validated by Secretary Galvin, the measure is certified to appear before the voters on November 4. If passed, the ballot question would extend the current nickel deposit on soda and beer to other single serving containers like water, juices, and sports drinks.



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Aside from expanding. Why I

Aside from expanding. Why I haven't hear any discussion about raising the deposit? 5 Cents has after several decades just not worth what it used to be.

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