When Wellesley went to the dogs

Wellesley Police report a doggie-day-car van crashed into a utility pole yesterday and seven canines bolted for freedom.

Wellesley Fire Captain Kevin Donahue started looking for the dogs in the nearby area. Two dogs were captured right away, leaving five on the loose. Animal Control Officer Sue Webb, assisted by Officer Chris Cunningham and Lamar Hughes, started rounding up the fleeing dogs. After a coordinated response, and several citizen sightings, two others would be located. Another dog was followed and captured in Needham, while the last two fled to Temple Road. These two were less than happy with their surroundings, and the attention.

The public was notified of the situation via Twitter, and members of the DPW and Water Department assisted in the search. After the word went out on Twitter, citizens became involved in the hunt on their own, forwarding their sightings to the Wellesley Police Department Dispatch Center.

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The Great Escape

I hope I'm not the only one with the music from The Great Escape going though my head. I wonder if one of the dogs is the same one to have gone in the Charles a few weeks ago.

Keep trying, mutts. You'll find your freedom one day.

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The usual course of these things

First the dogs flee in a panic.

Then they flee in the joy of freedom (provided they are unharmed in the accident)

Then they realize that this new freedom fails to produce kibbles, treats, head-pattings or heat ...

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All seven dogs escaped on four feet.

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Language is a wonderful thing.

I am glad the dogs were captured. Any of them could easily die in this cold if they didn't find shelter.

But I am still intrigued by the image of 7 dogs, 4 feet. Sounds more like a riddle. Aha - it is the Trojan Dog!

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