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Bill Cosby's insurance company sues him over all those lawsuits against him

Bill Cosby's homeowner's insurance company is asking a federal judge in Boston to rule it doesn't have to pay for his defense against lawsuits by women claiming he sexually attacked them.

Cosby, who lives in Shelburne Falls, took out a homeowner's and "personal excess" policies last year that included clauses under which AIG Property Casualty Co. would help pay for any personal-injury lawsuits against the comedian. But in its suit, filed this week in US District Court in Boston, AIG said the policies also have clauses barring any payments in cases involving allegations of "sexual molestation or corporal punishment" and "sexual misconduct."

In addition to seeking a ruling absolving it of any payments for Cosby's defense, the suit also asks that Cosby be ordered to pay the company's costs for its suit.

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