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Cars damaged when fire erupts in East Boston auto-repair shop

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded around 3:05 a.m. to 151 Liverpool St. for a fire on the first floor of a three-story commecial building.

The fire went to two alarms before it was knocked down. One firefighter was taken to Mass. General after he got some debris in his eye.

The department estimates $500,000 in damages, including to several cars in the garage at the time.



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I hope this firefighter, and the two firefighters and the cop who were injured last night are going to be okay.

Meanwhile, the area is under a high fire danger warning due to a lot of dry debris and dry weather and (of course) springtime winds.

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So I've been following the BRA plans for this. Interestingly, the new project for this site was approved by the BRA today.



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