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Chinatown fire injures two, displaces dozens

Fire in Boston's Chinatown

A bathroom short circuit sparked a fire at 84 Harrison Ave., tonight that sent two residents to the hospital for smoke inhalation, displaced 40 more people and caused an estimated $700,000 damage, the Boston Fire Department reports, adding the injuries were not considered life threatening.

The one-alarm fire, called in at 8:28 p.m., started in the second-floor ceiling, then spread to the third floor, the department says.


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This building has a strange history. It had apollo which was a fairly well reviewed and popular late night spot which closed. Then Bao Bao Bakery across the street closed and began construction along with a Double Chin Bakery in the first floor of this building. Both construction projects moved extremely slowly and have been going on for over a year without any signs of progress. The owner then sold the wall shown above for Mohegan Sun advertising space. The entryway to the apartments is filthy and often surrounded by trash. The fact that "dozens" lived here is terrifying and I can only imagine the conditions they were housed in. Everyone is lucky this wasnt much much worse.

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Well reviewed? Its saving grace was Kirin in plastic cups at 3AM.

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