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The colonists didn't even put up a fight

Redcoats in Downtown Crossing, Boston

Even with just three members, His Majesty's regiment of foot so impressed the rebellious townspeople of Boston this afternoon that they declared the land reclaimed for the king without having to exchange a single volley.

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They came back to the U.S. After the Conservatives are runing the country now with the election last week

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If I remember my history lessons correctly the minutemen were criticized for not playing by the rules of warfare in Lexington and Concord. Thank the lord they broke the rules or we would be singing 'God save the Queen at halftime'

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Having ridiculous snacktime names.

-Midnight snack
-Morning tea
-After-breakfast tea
-Snacktime tea-tasting
-Midday tea
-Afternoon tea
-Evening tea
-Nighttime tea

That much tea consumption...instead of hamburgers...it makes me dizzy...

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