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Community garden could sprout in Roslindale park

A group of residents has started mapping out what would be Roslindale's second community garden, in front of the swimming pool at Healy Field.

The Friends of Healy Field's Community Garden Initiative holds a design meeting on Saturday to begin designing the garden, which would have both individual plots for residents looking to grow some vegetables or other plants and communal areas. The session starts at 11 a.m. at the Roslindale Community Center, Cummins Highway and Washington Street.

Organizer Deb Albenberg says the city parks department has given its OK to designing and fundraising for the space.

Albenberg said the exact number of individual plots will depend in part on how many people express interest in having their own slice of land and how many would rather work on a community project.

The garden would join the Southwest Boston Community Garden on Cummins Highway - which she said has proven so popular it now has a wait list of people, many of whom have expressed interest in the Healy Field project.

Because [Healy Field] is situated within an environmental justice area and also has a concentration of children living in poverty, we want to use the garden to build community capacity to grow our own food and also activate Healy Field as a community resource for neighbors and all of Roslindale," she said.

For more information, contact Albenberg at 617-522-8383.

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Her Roslindale,
If you're interested in gardening at Healy Field, come to our first community design meeting 11-12:30 at the Community Center. Hope to see you there. Questions? Can't make it to the meeting? Call me at 617.522.8383.

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