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Confusing Commonwealth car cone caper causes concern

A note asking for an explanation of a cone on a car in Brighton

Just because it's not the middle of winter doesn't mean we have to go without confounding parking notes. Brad Burns found this note - and attached pen on Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton today.



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I lived on Commonwealth Ave in Brighton. (And Allston...and in Boston...three apartments.)

The person who left the cone on your car was saying, "We just got back to school from summer break and we're DRUNNKKKKK! Wheee!"

I'm sure that in a few weeks, you'll find your side-view mirror tucked in for no reason, and come winter, a cartoon penis drawn in the snow on your windshield. Welcome to Allston-Brighton.

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Drunken revelers, minor mischief making. Is the person leaving that note a newly transplanted snowflake from Westchester or something? Leaving a painfully earnest/snarky (take your pick) note like that is inviting trouble.

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All in good fun! A friend of mine once put a banana seat bicycle in the back of my Dad's pick up truck (we were teenagers, it was trash night). My father didn't think it was as funny as we did. Especially because he blamed me, and I didn't find out until later in the day, that it was my friend.

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