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Death grappled a trolley; riders gnash teeth at the folly

An inbound trolley on the Riverside Line crossed the River Styx this morning, leaving riders in the lurch. Nobody Would Care reported at 7:45:

Train died at chestnut hill. Second train just came and is pushing the dead train. It's been 30 min so far.

Among those caught in the maelstrom was Phil R., who reports he finally got to Kenmore around 8:30, only:

And now my #GreenLine train gets evacuated at Kenmore. AGAIN.



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Damn you Old Man Winter!!!

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You think this is bad now, wait until it actually is winter again. Are we taking bets yet when (and how hard) the MBTA will fall on its face again, despite all the winterizing work going on right now?

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Yup, took me almost 2 hours to get to work. Rozzie to Kenmore. When we got kicked off the train at Kenmore I decided to walk to the Pru.

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