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December 12-- Rally for Jobs, Justice and Climate

The international climate negotiations in Paris are officially underway, and the hype has been completely over-the-top. Pundits and commentators are saying that the next week will decide whether or not humanity deals with climate change. From the media coverage, you would think that the UN negotiations were like an episode of 24, with global leaders counting down the remaining hours left to save the world.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. What happens in the negotiating rooms, though important, isn't what really matters. What matters is what happens in the streets.

The climate movement has built some incredible momentum over the last few months. President Obama turned down the Keystone XL pipeline. Shell pulled out of the Arctic. Exxon is being sued by the NY Attorney General after an sweeping journalistic expose revealed that the company hid the truth about climate change from the American public for decades. The fossil fuel divestment movement has continued racking up victories -- institutions with a total of $3.4 trillion in assets have now divested, including the UMass system, which just divested from coal. Here in New England, new gas pipelines and plants are facing historic levels of opposition. People all over the world have organized, marched and rallied by the hundreds of thousands, and as a result, world leaders are going into this year's summit with a stronger mandate for action on climate than ever before.

On December 12, the day after the climate talks end, hundreds of people from across New England will gather in Boston to show the world that no matter what happens in Paris, our movement is going to keep growing. More than 100 groups have already endorsed the event, including labor unions, faith groups, and social justice groups.

Participants will call on New England governors and legislators to promote climate solutions that create secure, well-paying union jobs and enhance community resiliency. With climate change already displacing millions around the world, participants will also call on local leaders to stand with immigrants and refugees and speak out against racism and xenophobia.

WHAT: Jobs, Justice & Climate Rally and March
WHEN: Saturday, Dec 12, 1:00pm - 3:00pm
WHERE: Parkman Bandstand, Boston Common

Read more about it here!

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