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Fire in the Fens

Fenway fire

Looking towards the Fens fire. Photo by Tyler.

Firefighters rushed to Park Drive to battle a brush fire in the Fens that filled the neigbhborhood with smoke and falling ash. The fire was declared knocked down around 8:05 p.m.

David Callahan photographed the smoke at Fenway Park:

Fenway fire at Fenway Park
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I always forget how the phragmites in the Phens are so phlammable! Kudos to the Phire Department for putting it out!

Unrelated: it'sth been a while sthinth there'sth been a posth about Athol. Which is probably justh asth well.

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So that was the smoke at Fenway last night. Not just a sausage fire on Landsdowne.

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...it was the Red Sox going up in flames.

Oh wait, that was in June.

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