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First fire, now ice at decaying West Roxbury factory

The old asthma-inhaler factory on Lagrange Street that caught fire in September had a water pipe burst today, sending a flood of water onto Lagrange Street, most of which went into a fortuitously placed storm drain but some of which just froze on the street and sidewalk.

As of 4:30 p.m., police still had Lagrange northbound shut as a city DPW crew worked to shut off the main feeding the factory.

Local landlord and developer Michael Argiros, who now owns the old Armstrong Pharmaceutical plant, wants to tear the whole thing down and replace it with a residential complex.

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Apparently the new owner, Michael Argiros, doesn't know to winterize an empty unit. But maybe this will work in his favor to lessen the neighborhood resistance to the 48 unit apartment building he wants to build. Wait. What? Noooo. Could it be?? Maybe this wasn't just an accident??

I shouldn't be so cynical. Real Estate developers don't do such a things

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