Harvard shelves plans for contemporary addition to old dorm; will use old-fashioned brick instead

The Harvard Gazette reports the U will expand stately Winthrop House with a brick tower instead of the gray-panel facade originally proposed by its architects, following protests from students and Cambridge residents.

The addition will adhere to the school's "slipper rule:"

Marissa Segala '17 said: "The idea that you can get anywhere in the House in your slippers without having to get dressed means I can just go downstairs and eat breakfast in the dining room as if I were home."


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Stunning Contrast

It took a recent trip to Chicago to make me realize how truly awful Boston's architecture can be. The difference between the original proposal and the new one is shocking. The architects who did the original should turn in their degrees.

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Architects do what their told

I'm sure most architects hate the same designs as much as the rest of us but if that's what their clients want, that's what they design.

I blame the BRA and similar agencies for being too timid to approve, let alone demand, anything sightly unique.

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I did the same

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And came away with the same impression. Bottom line - in Chicago they are building a city. In Boston we build buildings.

Chicago's buildings "talk" to their environment. Ours either whisper or shout.

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