It takes a village to find a dog

Boston Police officer with small dog in Roslindale

Officer Jason Palmer with Vera the miniature pinscher.

A miniature pinscher that bolted from her dogsitter in Roslindale Tuesday night is back home, thanks to an all-out push by Fallon Field neighbors to find her - and two Boston Police officers, who did.

Boston Police report:

Nabil Aidoud had just returned home from work with the miniature pinscher he was watching for a friend, Vera, when he accidentally bumped open the front door. Vera made a dash for the door with Nabil in hot pursuit. As Vera darted and juked her way across the busy streets of Roslindale, Nabil followed behind, unable to catch the 7 lb. pup. For two hours, Vera evaded Nabil, while Nabil pleaded for help from people on the street to assist in finding Vera.

The community of Roslindale answered Nabil’s plea. Neighbors joined the search, Nabil posted fliers, and others reported updates when they caught a glimpse of Vera. Nabil and his neighbors searched until the wee hours of the morning to no avail.

Vera showed up on South Fairview Street, but she proved too elusive for residents. Then:

The next day, Vera finally found her way into the sight of two Boston police officers on patrol in Roslindale. Officer Jason Palmer, with the help of detail Officer Alberto Santiago, was able to coax Vera into his arms and return her safely to Nabil.


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I hate to be that person

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But any chance they can take down the flyers they posted? I'll go remove the two on the mailboxes near my house but as I drive I see dozens. (And even more for the dog who went missing in March.) The signs work but one the pet is found, the poster should make an effort to remove the signs.

I am happy the dog is back... and I still wonder about that beagle

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I own "that dog that went missing in March." (I think--she went missing in February, before the snow hit.) When we got her back (injured but safe!), we took down the fliers we knew about.

However, finding her was a group effort--and I'm eternally grateful for that. As a result though, there are many posters that I don't know about. Every once in a while I will find one, and take it down, but there are still several more.

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Oh yay!

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I am so glad your dog is safe! I was just on a big walk yesterday and talking about the two dogs. We said it must be terribly painful if the dog was not home yet and to see the signs.

I'll make it a point to take down the ones I see on my next walk or run.

(I didn't meant to sound callous but there really are a lot of signs!)

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