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Last call could come a little later at Lir

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to let Lir, 903 Boylston St. stay open until 2 a.m., an hour later than at present.

Lir is the only one of the four bars on that stretch of Boylston that currently has to close at 1 a.m.

Lir's lawyer, Dennis Quilty, told the board this morning the bar needs the extra revenue that would come from the extra hour because business property taxes in the Back Bay "rose precipitously this year, to a really, really high degree" and because Lir, like other venues, had a terrible first quarter this year due to the snow that never seemed to end.

The offices of the mayor, district City Councilor Josh Zakim and at-large Councilor Michelle Wu supported the extra hour. The Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay, which never supports anything, voted to not oppose the proposal.



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Ridiculous that the city would force a business to close earlier than their competitors in the first place. Why are the rules different for those four bars in the first place?

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The board has traditionally addressed each license individually, rather than setting an overall policy for a given area. So just because Bar A is open until 2 doesn't necessarily mean Bar B next door will get permission to do the same.

Lir's been under its current ownership for 12 years now, so who knows what went on before that?

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Minutes of Public Meetings of Boston Licensing Board including Office of the City Clerk's Records Retention Schedule

Advocate Online Minutes for each Public Meeting of each City Board/Commission !

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