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Licensing board approves new manager for closed Cleveland Circle bar

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday approved a new manager for the shuttered Roggie's, which could help owner John Rogaris gain permission to re-open.

City officials shut the bar last May after a Memorial Day incident in which a patron wound up unconscious and near death in an alley next to the Chestnut Hill Avenue. Rogaris faces trial June 1 on charges he ordered workers to take the man outside after they found him unconscious on stairs and that he interfered with the police investigation into the incident.


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and I still wouldn't eat there. (OK I'd stop in for a drink, but I wouldn't buy food.)

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Actually their seafood is top notch!

This may sound surprising but it's the truth.

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any other industries where the management has to be approved by the Boston Licensing Board?

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Normally the licensing board does not hold hearings on such. This is a special case because the management/owner of the place committed a pretty serious crime to attempt to avoid being shut down by said licensing board.

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The board always holds hearings on manager changes - and even new bank loans. You just don't tend to hear about them because normally they're pretty boring and of little to no interest to anybody not directly tied to the restaurant or bar. This was, of course, different, because of the reason for the change.

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Minutes of the most recent Public Meeting and Minutes of the previous Public Meeting of the Boston Licensing Board available, email Lbcb at cityofboston.gov

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