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Advisor to two mayors dies

Howard Leibowitz

Howard Leibowitz, who served at the side of both Ray Flynn and Tom Menino, died today, according to MassDOT Highway Administrator (and Menino Transportation Commissioner) Tom Tinlin, who writes:

World lost a good one today. Howard Leibowitz. Political genius, better friend. RIPHowardLeibowitz

Seth Gittell writes an appreciation.

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Howard's recovery was going well according to what friends and family were posting to him on FB. His last post on FB was less than 24 hours ago about the Celtics.

Howard was just such a stand-up man. I met him through my days on Ward 19, and he went far and out of his way to encourage me to become involved in politics and really cheered me on during my Emerge Massachusetts training.

When we bought our house a couple of years ago and were having some property line issues, he rallied the troops for us at City Hall even though the Menino administration was just a week from being out of office.

He always had a warm warm smile and a fantastic laugh. I ran into him so many many times waiting for the #39 bus back to JP after a Red Sox game. Nothing he loved more than the Red Sox -- unless it was the entire City of Boston.

We've lost a good one.

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What a lovely note. I'm sorry for your loss.

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