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New owner of Hyde Park watering hole vows more of the same

Dempsey's in Hyde Square.

The new owner of Dempsey's Bar and Grill, 1185 River St., told the Boston Licensing Board long-time customers can expect exactly what they get now should the board approve his purchase at a meeting tomorrow.

At a hearing this morning, Christopher Lydon (not the radio guy) and his attorney, Michael Ford, promised what Ford called "the same operation, the same menu, the same hours of operation" - but under the oversight of a new manager who previously worked at a fancy Back Bay chop house.

Lydon said that long term, he might look to spruce up the place a bit.

In addition to approving Lydon's purchase of both the bar's building and its liquor license, the board must also approve Lydon's proposed new manager, James Cotter, who formerly worked at Grill 23 on Berkeley Street.


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wow, what an inspiration.
more like more of nothing.

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Years ago there was a nice restaurant at that location,.

Now just a dump. The new owner is proud to be buying a dump dive bar and keeping the same!
What creative thinking!

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Jillians! (sp?) Great place

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wow what an addition to hyde park. Just what the place needs

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