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North Attleboro man charged with murder outside an Ashmont convenience store last year

A man already in prison for violating conditions of probation on a gun charge is scheduled for arraignment tomorrow on charges he shot Julien Printemps of Mattapan to death on Jan. 26, 2014 outside the Tedeschi shop on Dorchester Avenue, Boston Police and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office report.

Skerritt allegedly pumped several bullets into Printemps, who was declared dead at the scene. He was indicted for first-degree murder, which means a sentence of life without parole if convicted.

Authorities didn't have to go far to find Skerritt after he was indicted by a Suffolk County grand jury - after the murder, he was locked up in Norfolk County for allegedly violating the conditions of his parole after a 3-year sentence for a gun-possession charge stemming from an incident in Dorchester in 2010. At that time, Skerritt was living in Dorchester; he moved to North Attleboro and requested he be allowed to check in with probation officers there rather than in Suffolk County.

Innocent, etc.



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North Attleboro? Something in the water there?

Maybe he'll be Aaron Hernandez's cellmate if he gets found guilty.

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Gun violence takes the victim and torments families. Even with a trial and conviction there won't be a Mothers Day or birthday that will ever be the same. Things that bring us joy, days we take for granted are snuffed out and we won't do what needs to be done to end this madness because we love our guns more than we love each other.

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