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North End residents hope for end to Callahan Tunnel trench noise

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports on a meeting about the roar from the entrance to the Callahan Tunnel. Also, state officials agreed to cut through the bureaucratic morass that currently means sidewalks over the trench don't get shoveled after snowstorms.

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Is there a way to receive an East Boston/North End flood map
Im frightened that my property insurance might rise like the flood waters.

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I didn't notice anything different after the so-called "renovation". The roadway might be a little smoother, but the tunnel still has lots of missing wall panels, the same lights as before, and the pedestrian walkways through the tunnel are still nearly impassible.

What's all this extra noise coming from? Or, could it just be that the residents got accustomed to less noise while the tunnel was closed?

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Before the renovations there was no drainage trench at the beginning of the tunnel. It was concrete then asphalt. The trench causes a slight bump kinda like hitting bridge joints on the highway or any elevated road. BTW the same type of trench is also on the eastie side of the tunnel.

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