Oh, it is on like Donkey Kong: Obama, British guy announce Cambridge-vs.-Cambridge hackathon

President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron say they will harness the collective geekpower of trans-Atlantic Cambridges in a bid to help squelch cybercrime. As MIT reports:

As part of a series of cybersecurity initiatives made public today during British Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit with President Barack Obama, the two nations announced that MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) will face off against the University of Cambridge this fall for a special student hackathon dubbed “Cambridge v. Cambridge.” ...

Students in the competition will develop technologies and platforms focused on ongoing challenges in cybersecurity. They will have to demonstrate a variety of technical, interpersonal, and business skills beyond pure computer science and engineering, such as pitching to venture capitalists and industry, considering policy implications of key decisions, and speaking to the press in a real-world simulation.




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More disturbing is

Obama and Cameron expressed concerns about new encryption products that could prevent governments from tracking extremists poised to attack.

The way I read this is that these assholes were really pissed that Laura Poitras,Glenn Greenwald and Ed Snowden were able to use PGP so well.

"We're not asking for back doors" to access electronic communications, Cameron said. "We believe in very clear front doors through legal processes that should help to keep our country safe."

Rightio, Guv!

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So because a few governments

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So because a few governments are too stupid to allow terrorists to reenter with passports rather than turning them away or arresting them for suspected treason, the same governments want special powers to go all jack booty police state Big Brother on all citizens.

I seem to remember a Revolutionary War telling the British government to piss off and the ratification of a Constitution with a Bill of Rights explicitly forbidding the US government from trespassing on the rights of citizens from unlawful search and seizure without warrant. It would be really nice if our constitutional law professor president, which as a senator and presidential candidate ran on a platform of repealing the unlawful Patriot Act and surveillance abuses, WOULD TELL THE BRITS GO SOD THE BLOODY HELL OFF!

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This sounds cool, will be fun

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This sounds cool, will be fun to watch.

Palo Alto team invited as well but they declined as they are busy getting Tinder running on 234 versions of Android.

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