Parakeet flies the coop in Jamaica Plain

Parakeet in a tree in Jamaica Plain

The Real Lenny reports spotting a parakeet in his backyard near Faulkner Hospital this afternoon.

Tillie Jupiter reports he proved a friendly guy, so they were able to capture him and take him inside while they called Boston animal control - which now has him at its Roslindale shelter. If you're missing a parakeet, with a tag that reads something like HC355, now you know where to get him.

Bird inside:

Found parakeet


Free tagging: 


how can we be sure

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it wasn't conducting recon for the Popular Parakeets' Front Contingent of the TLF?

it just happened to be near a hospital, which just happens to be among strategic targets in any territorial takeover.

sure, parakeet. sure.

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The tag's text...

"...If you're missing a parakeet, with a tag that reads something like HC355..."

That probably stands for "Highly contagious (subject) 355"...probably infected with some sort of radiation.

A government trap to get rid of us!

Brought to you by your local government conspiracy theorist!

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Has he found his way home yet?

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Yesterday, a little girl on my street (in Forest Hills area) was trying to catch her escaped parakeet. Her mom had climbed very high up into the tree next to their house in hopes of getting it, but the bird flew away. (Her climbing skills were pretty amazing, actually.) I wonder if this bird is theirs. If no one's claimed the little guy, I can go knock on their door and tell them where their bird might be.

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