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Police hunt teen for shooting that sent 7-year-old to the hospital

Boston Police report they are looking for "a black male, approximately 14 - 18 years of age, about 5'8" tall, heavy set, wearing a red hooded sweat shirt, white shorts, and white sneakers" for Sunday's gunfire that struck a little kid riding a bicycle on Bowdoin Street and grazed an adult..

The Globe, meanwhile, posts a copy of surveillance video showing Divan Silva being shot.


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The most chilling thing in the video is how no one thought to help or give comfort to a young boy who is clearly frightened and hurt. The man next to him when the shots are fired goes inside (perhaps to call 9-11), but then there are a pair of white sneakers that come in from the top of frame, linger, and walk away while the child is crying in pain.

Really distressing.

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You have to consider that most likely no one knew where the shooter was and were probably hiding. Most people's first reactions after hearing a gunshot is not to run outside.

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If someone knows and doesn't come forward at least anonymously...

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When the phone doesn't ring, we'll know that it's them.

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Unless you think there's no difference between officers authorized by the state to exercise lethal force and a 14 year-old idiot with a gun.

And just because it doesn't make the national headlines doesn't mean there aren't calls for peace within neighborhoods faced with this violence.

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Mentioning the Mother’s Day Walk for Peace in the same comment as the local Outage Industry thumpers and Ferguson Enviers.

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Is that this violence is deplorable, and that the community is trying to come together to help extinguish it. My other point is that we should hold officers of the law to a much higher standard than armed adolescent fools.

If you want to ask why Al Sharpton isn't here, I'm not his personal secretary.

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Unfortunately, I don't have the skills to attach the flyer here, so I am copying and pasting the info from my email:

Important Notice to community leaders -- See attached flyer and circulate far and wide.

Matt Parker is point person on outreach for the VIP Coalition:
[email protected]

Dear Friend and Neighbor,

Last night community leaders from Bowdoin Geneva met and we are agreed. With Sunday's shooting of a visiting seven year old, our neighborhood is again in the news for all the wrong reasons.

The violence that has been plaguing our community far too long must be addressed with coordinated efforts from multiple city departments, law enforcement, service agencies and residents.

To that end we are requesting your presence at an emergency community mobilization. We are holding this mobilization Thursday night, 5/28, 6:30pm at the Teen Center at St. Peter's. We will have community leaders, business owners and residents in attendance.

Our goal is to have consistent, coordinated city commitment to root out the violence in our neighborhood. And we need you there to hear our concerns and ideas and to marshal a response that addresses our community's deep seated needs.


Jennifer Johnson

Michael Groves


Bowdoin Geneva Residents Association

Judy Meredith

Richfield Street Neighbors

Clerk, Bowdoin Geneva Residents Association

Davida Andelman

Greater Bowdoin Geneva Neighborhood Association

Executive Committee, Bowdoin Geneva Residents Association

Tony Lopes

Treasurer, Bowdoin Geneva Residents Association

Megan Sonderegger


Meetinghouse Hill Civic Association

John Walsh

Meetinghouse Hill Civic Association

Executive Committee, Bowdoin Geneva Residents Association

Paulo Amado De Barros

CVC Unido

Catholic Charities Teen Center at St. Peter's

Father Jack Ahern

St. Peter's Church

Hermitao Rosa

Executive Director

Bowdoin Geneva Main Streets

Jhana Senxian

Coleman Street Neighbors Association

Sustainability Guild

Henrique Fernandes

Four Streets Neighborhood Watch

Reverend Mark Scott

Azusa Christian Community

Ella J. Baker House

Reverend Art LaVoie

First Parish Church Dorchester

Jenn Cartee

Chair, First Parish Church Dorchester

Janet Jones

Dorchester/Roxbury Labor Committee

Philly Laptiste

Bowdoin Street Health Center

Susan Young

Bowdoin Street Health Center

Judy Meredith

Meredith and Associates

Public Policy Institute

Mass Policy and Organizing Leadership Academy

Tina Chery

Louis D. Brown Peace Institute

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