Police: Somerville gunman shot himself in the foot during North End home invasion

Boston Police report arresting a Somerville man in connection with last night's home invasion at 77 Endicott St. Three other men remain at large.

Police say the four men burst into an apartment there shortly before midnight in search of marijuana - which they found in a locked bedroom, one not being used by the resident who was home at the time:

During a protective sweep of the apartment, the officers observed that the roommate’s room was ransacked and could see in plain view several large bags of marijuana, scales, drug paraphernalia, and a large safe that had been kicked open by the suspects. Officers observed that the room had previously been secured with a padlock on the door. The victim reported she did not know the roommate well, as she and her boyfriend had only been staying there for a week. Officers froze the residence pending a search warrant.

Police say they got a head start on the search for the robbers thanks to nearby residents, who reported the license plate of the vehicle the four drove away in. After broadcasting a description of the vehicle and suspects on a regional police channel:

A Somerville detective contacted Boston operations and advised that he was familiar with the suspect. Concurrently, BPD detectives received information that a shooting victim had driven himself to Cambridge Hospital. The victim had suffered a gunshot wound to the foot and appeared to be the suspect identified in the North End home invasion. Officers responded to the hospital and, after observing the butt-end of a shotgun and bloodstains in the suspect’s car, arrested 19-year-old Nikolas Angelesco of Somerville for Armed Robbery, Home Invasion, and Kidnapping.

Police say that in addition to Angelesco's shotgun, one of the men was armed with a knife.

Innocent, etc.






if the homeowner had had a gun,

actually if he had a gun he still apparently wouldnt have had to use it.

its convenient when your would be robber does you the courtesy of shooting himself

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Rock On Somerville!

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(Background: on Spring Hill for a while now. Lived on Winter Hill for a few years before that. Lived one street behind an apparent ex cop who had legal fire arms, but was sort of lax in terms of securing them. Anyway, one of his kids took one of those improperly secured firearms into the park across the street from MY BEDROOM, to impress a friend, and ended up shooting the friend. Since I was living alone at the time, moved my bedroom to the back of the house...Eastie or Mission Hill Style.)

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