Pup rescued from Green Line tracks under downtown; reunited with owners

Dog resecued from Green Line tracks at Park Street

Photo by MBTA.

A dog wandering through the Green Line tunnel between Boylston and Park today was rescued thanks to an alert trolley driver and Green Line Inspector Tara Egan, the MBTA reports.

A T spokesman says:

Dog was on the tracks between Boylston and Park. A trolley operator spotted to the dog and notified dispatch. Green Line Inpsector Tara Egan was at Park. She walked down the tracks and picked up the dog. Awaiting Animal Control to pick up the dog.

The T updates the dog's name is Bella and she was reunited with her owners - who live nearby and who had been looking for her since 3:30 p.m.:

Bella and owners



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This one thing is enough for me to forgive a week of annoying commutes. Hope the pup makes its (his? her?) way home soon!

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Happy ending

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Just updated: Bella the dog and owners reunited.

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Adam, you're slipping!

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Should have slugged this one: "Dogged delay on Green Line; passengers agree that's fine!"

Good on the T.

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