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Remembering Dawnn Jaffier with fun

The West End House celebrates the life of Dawnn Jaffier between 5:30 and 9 p.m. today at 105 Allston St., Allston.

We will be doing the things that she enjoyed most, with her community and the people that she loved. Come enjoy some karaoke with songs by her favorite artists Beyoncé and Michael Jackson, snack on her favorite foods, and dance to some of her favorite songs. Dawnn is the definition of a role model, who wanted to do nothing but guide young people in the right direction.

Jaffier, who worked at the West End House, was shot to death last August, allegedly by a guy who was trying to shoot somebody else.

H/t Turlach MacDonagh.

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We are looking forward to hosting The Biggest Fun Ever at the West End House this evening. The event will begin at 5 pm, and Governor Baker will be joining us from 5 pm to 6 pm. Allston Street will be closed, and we encourage all attendees to take the T. The event is open to everyone, and we hope community members will join us to celebrate Dawnn.

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